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How should the code look?

It is 13 digit number, allowing to identify your parcel and track its route from sender to recipient. The tracking number consists of 4 parts, for example:

Tracking number
EE    12345678    5   KR

EE - The type of postal shipment
12345678 - the unique shipment's number; according to the rules UPU-S10, the postal service must guarantee that this number will not be used again in one calendar year. 5 - The verification code. It is calculated as a mathematical function of shipment's number. KR - The code of the country, where the parcel is being sent from.

Как отследить регестрируемое отправление по трек-коду?

Postal tracking gives an opportunity of keeping track of your parcels. To each domestic or international parcel is assigned a unique identification number. International postal parcels have numbers, consisting of 4 capital Latin letters and 9 digits. This combination of letters and digits is called a track code. The simplest way to check your track code is using

In a personal account the user can check all his track codes. Newcomers to online shopping are often worried about their orders and it is justified. On our site there is a service of automatic notifying about every change in tracking status. Every change in parcel location is accompanied with a notification to email address. Checking your parcel location on our site is very easy.

To check order's status, to find the parcel and make sure in its steady shipping to the recipient is important for all customers. By the way, all information about your parcels is saved on as long as you wish and may serve as the evidence base in possible disputes.

Какие бывают типы трек-номеров для отслеживания регистрированных почтовых посылок и отправлений?

Each of the types of postal shipments has a two-letter code assigned to it.

CA-CZ - Parcel post, USPS Priority Mail. Parcel (package, parcel post), registered in tracking system.

EA-EZ - EMS, Express Mail Service, USPS Express Mail. Parcels with such codes usually are delivered faster then other types of postal shipments. On postal websites there is always a possibility to track EMS numbers.

Subseries EX-EZ can be used only for postal shipments inside one country.

LA-LZ - Exprès letter, USPS First Class Mail, USPS Priority Flat rate Envelope. Parcel (package, parcel post) is not tracked on postal websites.

RA-RZ - Letter post registered. Parcel (package, parcel post), registered in tracking system without the insurance.

The postal service can use a random two-letter code inside the series, so it's only the series that counts. For example, the numbers RA123456785KR and RT87654321KR are equal in terms of postal shipments types.

How soon does the information about a parcel show up?

Generally, tracking becomes available in 2-3 days after the shipment was made.

Why is the status of shipment different from the status on the website?

Apparently, the service has not updated the status yet. The status of postal shipments is updated twice a day.

Why does it take so long to change the status of track code?

The service gets information about a shipment's route directly from postal websites and can not affect the delivery time.

Why does this code can not be tracked L**********US?

This type of tracking number: L*********US is not assigned for tracking, it is only registered at US postal service, there is no further tracking for such numbers. While importing to Russia, such parcels are given numbers R****RU. You can know this number only when the parcel is delivered.